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The Precision Companies include Precision Fabricating & Cleaning Co., Inc. (PFC) and Precision Mechanical Inc. (PMI)- separate, but complementary, business units. Precision's ISO 9001 / AS9100 registered facilities are located on 21 acres of industrial properties in Florida's Space Coast.

Established in 1964, PFC offers fabrication, chemical pretreatment, precision cleaning, testing and painting services to our customers. Our scope of work includes Aviation, Space, Defense, and Commercial Services, including Metal Fabrication, Machining, Precision Cleaning, Corrosion Control, Painting, Welding, and Assembly.

PMI has been offering mechanical services to an array of government, industrial, commercial, and institutional customers since 1986. PMI installs process piping, plumbing, and HVAC systems.

Precision Fabricating & Cleaning

PFC is an innovative, highly qualified company with unique capabilities to accomplish a wide range of fabricating and maintenance services, specializing in fluid/flow/pressure systems. Additionally, PFC operates a large component clean and test clean room. Our clean room is currently under certification by many industry leaders and support contractors as an approved cleaning facility. Our facility is certified to Air Cleanliness Classification ISO 14644-1, class 7.

ULA Honors Precision Fabricating & Cleaning With The 2022 "Most Innovative Supplier of the Year" Award

"Precision Fabricating and Cleaning (PFC) would like to thank United Launch Alliance for this recognition.

A massive thank you to our dedicated and incredibly talented team of PFC employees and leadership that has made our continued success possible."

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If you have custom cleaning requirements for parts in quantity, PFC is happy to clean a few parts as a test, at no cost, to assist in developing a cleaning process to your specific needs.


PMI believes that no other construction contractor can offer our breadth of expertise and craftsmanship. Our services include fabrication, installation, and construction of critical systems and facilities at commercial sites, industrial locations, and aerospace complexes. PMI has provided support to the aerospace, industrial, and business communities in Florida and Colorado as a state-licensed mechanical and plumbing contractor. PMI West operates in South Dakota supporting projects on federal facilities.

Precision Mechanical Inc.

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Precision Companies’ journey in the aerospace market has been challenging...

PFC has over 60 years of experience providing diversified cleaning and testing services to meet the basic-to-complex needs of the U.S. Military, U.S...

PFC has made a name in the hydel and nuclear power generation industry with years of experience...

PFC represents the industry’s leading precision cleaning company from the day we opened our doors almost 60 years ago.

The oil and gas sector regularly requires high-purity cleaning, and PFC is equipped with the skilled crew and technology to meet the cleaning requirements.

Semiconductor manufacturing is a complex and highly competitive industry. The prime reason is that semiconductor chips are the entire ..

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PFC QA is totally engaged and responsive in every way. Frankly, I’ve not seen such a high‐level interest, activity and workspace before at PFC, truly impressive operation they have going for CMTA!

Dave Robertson


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As we are in the home-stretch for these manifolds, I just wanted to extend a big thank you to you and your team. You guys have done amazing work over the past few months and we owe the successful and timely completion of this arduous process to you and your guys.

Jesse W. Harris


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How is that even possible that you did it that quickly? You guys and PFC are the best! Maybe you guys should work on a pit crew.

Ken Mcdowell


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