Construction Services

PMI has been offering mechanical construction services to various government, industrial, commercial, and institutional clients since 1986.

Our extensive operations feature machine shops, welding and fabrication shops, high bays for large assemblies, tubing shops, pipe welding shops, and engineering and administrative offices, in Florida and Colorado, for prefab of components before installation.

 Besides these, we have clean rooms, chemical cleaning areas, cryogenic flow and testing booths, high-pressure gas flow and test rooms, abrasive blast and paint rooms for cleaning and corrosion control jobs whenever required.

Such capabilities inspire confidence in the team to take on big challenges, and it also builds trust in our clients that PMI can successfully deliver complex projects.


Value Engineering

What sets us apart from other mechanical contractors is our belief in value engineering.

Our project teams employ this method to improve the value of a client's project by analyzing the function of each item or element and its associated cost in the project.

Then, we assess its cost-to-benefit ratio and propose alternates for methods, designs, or materials that can help improve the value of the project.

However, it is worth mentioning that value engineering has nothing to do with cutting expenses or lowering costs. Instead, value engineering is about optimizing project items, considering different aspects like cost, maintenance, wear-and-tear, etc.

Such detailed analysis comes with years of experience and understanding of the project's vision and goals. We do also recognize that every client has a different definition of value, and we operate as per their requirements.


GMP, FFP, T&M Contracts

PMI believes in flexibility, and we are ready and have experience working under various types of contract vehicles.

Mechanical Estimation & Drawings

Our dedicated, experienced, and highly qualified team of engineers and drafters can provide accurately measured and detailed drawings for the most complex of projects. These drawings lay the basis for accurate prefab so that each part fits the first time.

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