Oil & Gas Sector

The oil and gas sector regularly requires high-purity cleaning, and Precision Companies is equipped with the skilled crew and technology to meet the cleaning requirements.


As a whole, our authentic and organic expertise enables us to provide cost-effective solutions for our clients while effectively managing all projects at hand. From the largest and most complex projects to small jobs for small-scale oil and gas companies, our team has the capability to assist with the cleaning  and installation process.


Precision Companies’ innovative technologies and years of industry experience enable us to minimize our cleaning routines, environmental impact and complete projects with safe and quick methods that save clients' precious production hours.


Besides cleaning, our subsidiary, PFC, can fabricate, test, and provide large-sized metal structures commonly used to support mega tanks and other essential machinery in the oil and gas industry. Oil production plants also house substations and instrument technical rooms that feature electrical components and power generating skids.


Having years of experience in this domain, we can offer complete integration of mechanical, electrical, and control components present on the site.


So, when it comes to the oil and gas industry, Precision Companies proves to be resourceful in precision cleaning instruments,   fabricating skid modules for regular operations, and installation at a typical plant in the oil and gas industry. Finally, it is vital to state that all of the tasks are completed in compliance with industry standards by highly trained professionals of the Precision Companies.