Process Equipment Skids

Traditional stick-built methods are no longer a practical approach to fabricating process equipment for a plant. Instead, manufacturers try their best to avoid lost production, including downtime caused by lengthy on-site equipment testing and installations.


What is a Skid?

Skid systems are engineered to order by fabricators as per the client's requirements. Once the equipment is assembled, it is permanently mounted on the skid, and all process controls are connected at a single point on the skids. The skid is then conveniently shifted to the final location, in a plant, for example, where the equipment will be used.

The equipment that rests over a skid depends on the industry where it is employed. For example, skids are used in the oil and gas sector, power generation units, processed industrial systems, and high-pressure water systems.


Precision Fabricating and Cleaning – Skid Fabrication

PFC fabricates custom accessory skids used in power generation and industrial processes.

Our fabricated skids come in various sizes, from compact models to large and complex units, including skids which control hydraulic, cryogenics, high pressure and vacuum processes.

PFC manufacturing facilities have qualified personnel and specialized equipment to ensure that these skids meet customer requirements and industry standards.

The piping systems on the skids ranged from two inches to 24 inches in diameter and was fabricated by qualified welders under AWS specifications for carbon and stainless steel.  We also have built a modular skid which measured 35’ wide by 53’ long which was disassembled for sipping and reassembled at the customer’s facility.

Our skid fabrication complies with ISO 9001 / AS9100, U.S., and European standards.

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