HVAC Field Services

HVAC Field Services

PMI has over three decades of high-efficiency HVAC installation experience. We install all types of commercial heating, cooling, refrigeration, and air purification systems to hospitals, schools, industrial and government facilities, and aerospace complexes.

We provide the following services on a large scale:


Chilled Water / Refrigerant Systems

Chilled water systems are used in large buildings, where chiller plants act as a centralized cooling system that supports cooling for an entire building or even multiple buildings. Such systems are preferred because centralizing air condition equipment at a single location is more practical and logical than installing many pieces in different areas.

Additionally, it simplifies the access for a building's maintenance crew, and large chilled water systems also provide greater energy efficiency than individual, smaller systems.


Heating Systems

Industrial heating systems combine the necessary technologies to provide heat effectively to a determined industrial production process or entire buildings to keep them warm.

PMI installs industrial heating systems tailored to the client's needs, optimizing efficiency, safety, and reliability, and at the same time, minimizing costs.


Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are enclosed structures that remove heat from water or other fluids used in industrial plants and processes. There are different cooling towers designs, but the basic working process is the same and is based on evaporative cooling.

PMI specializes in installing cooling towers for industrial projects such as aerospace complexes and  other industrial locations.

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