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The Precision Companies Group is made up of Precision Fabricating & Cleaning Company, Inc. (PFC) and Precision Mechanical, Inc. (PMI). The two affiliates operate as distinct business units but often function jointly on various projects.

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Precision Fabricating & Cleaning
Precision Mechanical Inc.
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In 2022, United Launch Alliance Honored Precision Fabricating & Cleaning With The "Most Innovative Supplier of the Year" Award.

PFC is an innovative company that accomplishes a wide range of precision cleaning, fabricating, and refurbishment tasks through approved processes, an effective quality management system (QMS), modern technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and highly qualified personnel.


PFC started its operations as a services contractor in 1964, when the primary line of work included high purity chemical cleaning. The company played its part in America's moon journey and precision cleaned NASA's piping, tubing, and other ground support components. Moreover, the company also fabricated fluid control and distribution panels.


In 1973, NASA awarded a critical project to PFC, which involved re-manufacturing compressed gas trailers. Since then, NASA has always trusted PFC to perform simple to complex jobs of varying scale and nature. Meanwhile, PFC kept working on improving the quality of work and expanding its facilities.


Today, PFC is a one-stop solution for fabrication, assembling, painting, cleaning, and testing fluid distribution systems of varying scales and media. We now serve aerospace, semiconductor, food and beverage, fluid commodity industries, power generation, and trailer industries.


Our cleaning and testing services include passivation, chemical cleaning, solvent cleaning, bubble point testing, cryogenic & cold shock testing, ultrasonic cleaning, and pneumatic testing for gauges, components, valves, filters, and other items.


PFC provides:


  • Piping and structural fabrication
  • Large-scale assembly
  • Abrasive blasting
  • Component refurbishment
  • Standardized welding services


Our list of clients is full of prestigious names that include Boeing, SpaceX, Lockheed, General Electric, NASA, Bechtel, Mitsubishi, and many others.

To see how PFC performs various services, watch our service performance videos here.


Precision’s mechanical contracting wing, PMI, came into being in 1986. Since then, we have offered superior mechanical services to many government, industrial, commercial, and institutional clients. 


PMI specializes in HVAC and plumbing installations and efficiently installs piping, plumbing, and HVAC systems for hospitals, schools, industrial and government facilities, and aerospace complexes. 


PMI also offers fabrication, installation, and construction of critical systems and facilities at commercial sites, industrial locations, and aerospace complexes.


All the fabrication activities are performed in collaboration and coordination with PFC at the Precision Companies' facilities located on twenty acres of industrial properties in Florida's Space Coast.


PMI operates as a state-licensed mechanical and plumbing contractor in both Florida and Colorado. PMI West operates in South Dakota supporting projects on federal facilities.


In addition, PMI also performs broad-spectrum equipment installation and field services.


We have the right experience, workforce, equipment, and operating procedures to carry out jobs in challenging environments. We routinely install critical items such as equipment skids, boilers, pumps, pressure vessels, chillers, vacuum-jacketed piping, and cooling towers.


Whether it's the installation of large structures or process piping in confined spaces, PMI's technically sound workforce finds its way around the completion of designated tasks with all safety measures in place.

Why Choose Us?

With almost six decades of experience and world-class facilities, the Precision Companies believe in our technical expertise to deliver projects of all sizes, scales, and complexity.


Our professionals are always ready to take on challenges and meet all clients' demands and stringent requirements with 100% customer satisfaction.

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