Precision’s History

Founded in 1964, Precision Fabricating & Cleaning Company, Inc. (PFC) began life as a services contractor. The early years focused on high purity chemical cleaning of piping, tubing and components in support of America’s journey to the moon. Additionally, the company fabricated fluid control and distribution panels. In 1973, PFC won a direct contract from NASA to remanufacture compressed gas trailers. PFC has continued to expand its facilities to become a one-stop shop to fabricate, assemble, paint, clean and test fluid distribution systems of all shapes, sizes, and media. PFC’s client list now includes companies from the aerospace, semiconductor, food and beverage, fluid commodity industries, power generation, and trailer industries.

In 1986, the owners of PFC opened Precision Mechanical, Inc. (PMI). As the name implies, PMI is a mechanical contractor specializing in HVAC and plumbing installations for hospitals, schools, industrial and government facilities and aerospace complexes. PFC and PMI are complementary businesses, with PFC fabricating piping and tubing for PMI to install.

During 1996, Precision Enterprises, Inc. (PEI) was appointed as the exclusive sales agent in the United States for KAMAG Heavy Transporters. Precision and KAMAG have a long history of cooperation that dates back to 1979 with the delivery of the first Payload Canister Transporter to NASA for the Space Shuttle program. In 2010, PEI became one of three representatives authorized as a sales representative for Scheuerle/Nicolas/KAMAG. Precision and Scheuerle/Nicolas/KAMAG have sold transporters and trailers to aerospace, shipbuilding, heavy haul, and off-shore construction companies in the U.S.  PEI has maintenance contracts with several of its transporter clients.