PFC, along with our affiliate, PMI, has nearly 60 years of experience providing diversified cleaning and testing services to meet the basic-to-complex needs of the U.S. Military, U.S. Air Force, other defense contractors and other agencies, like National Security and Homeland Defense.


Precision Companies' awareness of the sensitive and critical nature of the job makes us the preferred contractors for most Defense-related cleaning projects. However, the primary reason is that we understand and acknowledge that our precision cleaning processes directly impact the operation of military instruments that have a bearing on military personnel and related civilian lives.


Keeping that in mind, we have built our company's solid cleaning and testing facilities with utmost care. Our facility has a cleanroom complex that houses nine separate rooms that can operate in total isolation. A pre-clean area supports the rooms to perform hydrostatic testing, item disassembly and inspection, process baths for degreasing and descaling, and passivation.


PFC's facility also features special equipment to perform pneumatic testing, cryogenic testing, ultrasonic cleaning, flow or immersion sampling with solvents, and barrier and hermetic packaging.  PMI benefits from the affiliate relationship and possesses the skills needed for sensitive installations in the field.


Besides the massive in-house cleanroom facility, PFC has mobile cleaning rooms and sampling stations for on-site servicing.   It means that we can deliver our processes to the customer’s facility when it is necessary to clean a system in place.


Further, our portable laminar flow stations serve as temporary clean workstations to install clean components or the certification testing of systems on mobile equipment or equipment that is too large for assembly in the cleanroom.


With advanced, modern facilities and trained professional crew, U.S. Military and Homeland Security departments turn to Precision Comapnies for process needs when high purity systems are a concern.  We work closely with all clients ensuring the development and implementation of correct procedures and thus meeting the required level of cleanliness.