Semiconductor Manufacturers

Semiconductor manufacturing is a complex and highly competitive industry. The prime reason is that semiconductor chips are the entire brains of modern smart devices (smartphones and laptops). That is why Semiconductor manufacturing facilities have to conform to rigorous protocol and cleaning requirements.


Precision Companies offers precision cleaning services using non-abrasive cleaning methods to extend the life span of a client's equipment. However, our services also include passivation, cryogenic testing, ultrasonic cleaning, pneumatic & hydrostatic testing, and flow and immersion sampling, meeting the client's cleanliness needs.


However, the primary advantage of our advanced cleaning processes is reducing process defects of the semiconductors produced.


Our years of experience and past quality performances in high-purity clean operations prove that we can consistently handle clean hardware and prevent recontamination. These skills are especially beneficial in the semiconductor industry, where companies can't afford recontamination at any cost.  Precision’s extensive capabilities in fabrication and assembly of process equipment and skids ensure that the equipment delivered and installed will conform to the cleanliness requirements of this exacting industry.


Our facility is ISO 9001 / AS9100 certified, and it houses Class 7 clean rooms and Class 5 workstations where components are disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled in an environment conforming to ISO 14644.


So, with six decades of experience in precision cleaning, passivation, ultrasonic cleaning, and with an ISO-certified cleaning facility, PFC has a made a name for itself in the precision cleaning industry and serves a range of sectors, including the semiconductor manufacturing industry.


Our commitment to small and complex tasks has consistently earned us the respect of our clients and kept us busy with more and more work.