Power Generation

Precision Companies has made a name in the fossil fuel and nuclear power generation industries with years of experience, satisfactory quality, modern technology, and on-time deliveries.


We are trusted to fabricate, test, and ship process skid modules containing equipment and configuration to the under-construction Uranium Processing Facility (UPF) and ultimately aid in the nuclear operations in support of the Y-12 National Security Complex missions.


Precision also performs cryogenic testing, hydrostatic, pneumostatic, and functional testing, as well as leak testing with mass spectrometers. Additionally, we provide our in-demand precision cleaning services with dedicated quality assurance personnel, support laboratories for on-site analysis, and ISO-certified clean rooms.


When it comes to electric power generation, Precision is proud to be serving clients like General Electric and Mitsubishi. We manufacture accessory skids to support the power generation companies, and our fabricated skids range from compact models to mega-complex units. These units include a complete turbine support system with integrated PLC systems and equipment.


Our skid fabrication complies with ISO 9001, U.S., and European standards, as our clients require. Further, skid piping is fabricated to the requirements of ASME B31.1 and ASME B31.3. All welders at PFC are certified, ensuring all work is carried out per standards.


For these projects, Precision self-performed corrosion control with a three-coat inorganic zinc paint system on carbon steel items, making sure that future operations and maintenance are not affected at all.


Overall, our unique experience has led us to undertake and safely deliver skid manufacturing projects with critically oversized dimensions. And, during all projects, we make sure the client remains fully aware and updated of the build progress to minimize any issues.