Mobile/Field Cleaning

When PFC began life as a services contractor, precision cleaning of piping, tubing, and other components was the company's prime focus. Hence, cleaning is something that PFC has mastered for over 60 years. To this day, we provide ISO-certified cleaning services in our state-of-the-art facilities and onsite in our mobile clean rooms.

What is a Clean Room?

A cleanroom is a controlled environment where air contaminants like dust, microbes, and aerosol particles are filtered out to provide a spotless work environment.

Cleanrooms are popular in semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, optics, medical devices, and biotech. Besides these industries, military, aerospace companies, and the Department of Energy utilize clean rooms in critical manufacturing tasks.

PFC cleanrooms are certified to Air Cleanliness Classification ISO 14644-1, Class 7 or "Class 10,000" as per Federal Standard 209E

What is a Mobile Clean Room?

Mobile cleanrooms are custom-designed modular hard wall cleanrooms installed within a pre-fabricated steel structure that can be moved around or a trailer container made into a cleanroom. Both types have the same features as typical and modular cleanrooms.

Why are they useful? Well, mobile cleanrooms can be easily moved throughout a facility or to a remote site and provide complete cleanroom capabilities wherever required.

Who is allowed to work in cleanrooms?

Working in a cleanroom requires the staff to go through extensive training in contamination control. Further, they are required to wear designated clothing that limits their body contaminants. They can only enter a cleanroom after going through a series of airlock rooms, air showers, and gowning rooms.

What parts/items can be cleaned?

PFC regularly precision cleans piping systems, tubing, fittings, valves, gaskets, seals, panels, and countless other assemblies and components.

If an assembly is too large to fit in a cleanroom, we disassemble it to the primary part level, precision clean it, and then reassemble and test it in the presence of the client or client's representative.

What processes take place in a cleanroom?

Cleanrooms can be employed for:

  1. Clinical manufacturing & assembly
  2. Precision cleaning
  3. Analysis
  4. Packaging
  5. Wet laboratory
  6. Storage
  7. R&D
  8. And countless other applications

PFC's mobile cleanrooms can perform precision cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, flow or immersion sampling with solvents, and Barrier and hermetic packaging.

Testing Services

Besides precision cleaning, our portable laminar flow stations can serve as temporary clean workstations to install clean components or certification testing of systems on mobile equipment.

Since we use piping systems carrying different commodities, many pre-operational tests are required after a production down-time. Hydrostatic and Pneumatic Tests are needed to confirm the integrity of such pressured systems.

PFC provides onsite Hydrostatic and Pneumatic Tests with an upper-pressure limit of 30,000psi. These tests are performed on tubing assemblies, valves, gauges, gas cylinders, and other pressure vessels.


Cleanrooms also prove helpful in the safe packaging of environmentally sensitive products like food, medicine, optical accessories, electronics, semiconductor, and other delicate components.

PFC provides Barrier and Hermetic Packaging in ISO certified modular and mobile clean rooms.

The word Barrier in the term barrier packaging refers to a packaging material applied onto different materials to help preserve and protect the items inside those materials. These packaging materials limit the exposure to oxygen, water vapors, and light, to keep them certified for a long duration.

Hermetic packaging is a type of sealing that air-tightens given objects (preventing the passage of air, oxygen, or other gases). The technique was initially applied to airtight glass containers, but as technology advanced, it is now used to various materials, including rubber and plastics.

Hermetic seals are essential for the correct and secured functioning of many electronic and healthcare products.

Expert Cleaning

PFC currently provides onsite precision cleaning to numerous stringent specifications and standards. We serve clients such as NASA, Gas Turbine Efficiency, Mitsubishi, US Air Force, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Bechtel, Gulfstream, SpaceX, Orbital ATK, and United Launch Alliance.

PFC's ISO 9001 / AS9100 registered facilities on over 25 acres provide comprehensive support for top-notch cleaning services.

Hire Us for Mobile/Field Cleaning

Our mobile cleanrooms can provide quick, flexible, and turnkey solutions to your aseptic environmental requirements.

PFC provides precision cleaning services with dedicated quality assurance personnel, support laboratories for onsite analysis, and ISO-rated clean rooms. Our experience and past performance in high-purity clean operations have enabled us to handle complex cleaning jobs and prevent recontamination.

PFC performs mobile/field cleaning services to the following specifications:
AS4059AS598ASTM D1193
CGA 4.1IEST-STD-CC1246ISO 14644
ISO 14952C-SPEC-C-20CJSKSC-C-123
MA0110-301MA0110-301MAP211025 VC
PWA 80-81RA0110-018RA0110-046
RPTSTD-8070-0001SAE ARP 598SAE ARP1176
MC072214B185020STP 50408
MP 50063AS 611ECSS-E-ST-35-06C

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