PMI offers complete turn-key industrial and commercial plumbing services from design to fabrication and installation of hot and cold water systems, sewers and drain systems, water piping, fixtures, finishes, and other associated equipment for specific projects of any size.

Whether overhauling your existing industrial facility or installing a new system in a new facility, you can always rely on the plumbing experts at Precision Mechanical Inc.

We can build, and install small-to-large scale plumbing systems

We provide the following industrial and commercial plumbing services:


Hot/Cold Water Systems

Hot water is the second most used energy resource after (space heating and cooling). That is why providing a constant hot water supply to industries and commercial spaces is essential.

A typical hot water system comprises three things, namely, water heaters or boilers, distribution pipes, transfer pumps and an array of hot water-using appliances and faucets.

The cold water system is also based on the components mentioned above except for the boiler.

In any case, PMI provides complete procurement, fabrication, and installation of water heating units (boilers), piping systems, valves, gaskets, supports, and all associated equipment.


Sanitary Soil Waste Systems

No plumbing system is complete without proper disposal of waste (sanitary and soil) water.

While installing soil waste systems is standard in commercial properties, sanitary waste systems are installed in industries, but people don't understand sanitary plumbing.

Sanitary plumbing aims to prevent harmful bacteria or contamination from establishing a presence near processing equipment, because this contamination can easily ruin production batches and reduce their efficiencyor these contaminants could cause machinery to be dysfunctional and slow down production.

That is why industrial plumbing is a delicate and severe job and very different from a commercial building's plumbing system. PMI, as a contractor, makes sure the system has the correct number of valves, pumps, bends, traps, and even the angle at which the pipes are laid.

Industries like pharmaceutical, medical, and semiconductor industries are typical examples where PMI installs sanitary waste systems.

PMI's personnel understand and apply the compliance requirements of all sanitary systems.


Compressed Air and Natural Gas Systems

Compressed air systems provide pressurized air throughout the facility to operate automated valves, diverters, slide gates, dust collectors, instruments, and several other devices. Compressed natural gas is normally used for heating, whether for domestic uses, such as, room air or hot water in bathrooms, or industrial processes.  Well installed and leak-free compressed air and natural gas systems are vital to the operation of any commercial or industrial complex.

PMIs personnel can plan, talk through the process on-site, and install the relevant plumbing and sanitary equipment needed for your business to continue to operate effectively.

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