In 2022, United Launch Alliance Honored Precision Fabricating & Cleaning With The “Most Innovative Supplier of the Year” Award.

PFC is an innovative, highly-qualified company with unique capabilities to accomplish a wide range of fabricating and maintenance services, specializing in fluid/flow/pressure systems.

As a successful commercial and government small business contractor specializing in unique custom fabrications, PFC currently provides precision cleaning to numerous stringent specifications and manufactures complex hardware such as process skids, ground support equipment, and other integrated systems.

PFC has been successfully operating at the same location on Florida’s Space Coast since 1964 serving customers such as NASA, Gas Turbine Efficiency, Mitsubishi, US Air Force, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Bechtel, Gulfstream, SpaceX, Orbital ATK, and United Launch Alliance.

PFC’s ISO 9001 / AS9100 registered facilities are situated on over 25 acres with comprehensive support for welding, machining, abrasive blasting, painting, cleaning, testing, and large-scale assembly operations.

Company Capabilities & Qualifications

PFC’s extensive facilities house machine shops, weld/fabrication shops, high bays for large assemblies, clean rooms, chemical cleaning areas, tubing shops, pipe welding shops, cryogenic flow and testing booths, high pressure gas flow and test, abrasive blast and paint rooms, and engineering and administrative offices.

Our direct experience has allowed us to develop unique and specialized expertise along with the technical competence needed to satisfy a wide range of requirements. Our facilities include a large certified clean room, the only DOT certified well for hydrostatic testing, the only facility for vertical cleaning of compressed gas cylinders, and the only enclosed and permitted sandblasting and painting facility in the area.

Precision is well known for our depth of experience, engineering expertise, ingenuity, workmanship, and timely delivery.

If you have custom cleaning requirements for parts in quantity, PFC is happy to clean a few parts as a test, at no cost, to assist in developing a cleaning process to your specific needs.

Precision Cleaning

When particulate or residue contamination is a concern, PFC conducts high purity cleaning operations to the highest industry standards and in compliance with the strictest customer requirements. Precision ISO 9001 / AS9100 registered facilities include ISO 14644 compliant clean rooms, environmentally controlled work areas, passivation services, cryogenic / ultrasonic / pneumatic / hydrostatic testing resources, controlled solvents, validated sampling processes, and compliant shipping & packaging capabilities.

Additive Manufactured Component Cleaning

Additive Manufacturing has brought about a paradigm shift in the way components are manufactured, offering unparalleled design possibilities and precision. However, unique component geometries can pose a significant challenge when it comes to proper cleaning.

Oxygen Cleaning

Oxygen cleaning is a method of cleaning and effectively removing contaminants from equipment intended for use with liquid or gaseous oxygen.

Cryogenic & Coldshock Testing

Cryogenic systems play a crucial role in aerospace, oil and gas, petrochemical, electronics, and power generation, where extremely low-temperature tests are most desirable for systems that handle hazardous fluids.


PFC has over five decades of experience providing cleaning and passivating services to aerospace, semiconductor, food and beverage, fluid commodity industries, power generation, and trailer industries.

Safety Relief Valve Recertification

A relief valve is one of the most crucial pressured system components and often the last device to prevent catastrophic failures in high-pressured systems. That is why it is essential that relief valves are always certified and should work at all times. PFC is National Board VR certified to refurbish/test ASME code stamped relief valves.

Bubble Point Testing

Bubble point testing is the most basic and least expensive method of detecting and assessing leaks and determining the integrity of a membrane filter. Filter elements are regularly used for leak testing and functional testing of piping systems and their components in different industries.

Pneumatic & Hydrostatic Testing

Pressured systems require testing before being newly operational or after a downtime. Non-destructive tests like Pneumatic and Hydrostatic Tests are used to validate such pressurized assemblies and components before they can be functional.

Mobile/Field Cleaning
  • Full Validation Capability
  • Temperate Controlled Process Solutions
  • High Flow Rate Pumps (>200gpm)
  • Compressed Gas Trailers for GN2 Purge and Dew Point Operations
  • In Place Hydrostatic and Pneumatic Testing to 30,000psi
  • Laboratory Including Mobile Clean Room, Sampling Station and Packaging
  • Calibrated and Certified Analytical Equipment
  • Certified ASME and AWS
  • GTAW (TIG manual, machine, auto/orbital)
  • SMAW (Stick)
  • GMAW (MIG)
  • FCAW (Innershield)
  • Brazing/Soldering
Abrasive Blast & Paint
  • Airless & Conventional Spraying
  • Specialized Coating Systems
  • On-Site Abrasive Blast Facility
  • All Enclosed and Permitted
  • In House Level III NACE Inspectors
  • Surface Preparation to SSPC Standards
Fabrication & Assembly
  • Design-Build Capabilities
  • Large-Scale/Oversized Projects
  • Integration of Control Systems and Components
  • Tight Tolerance Dimensional Control
  • Proofload Testing
  • Complex Skids and Panel Assemblies
  • DOT-Compliant Heavy Haul Trailers
Piping Systems
  • Propellant
  • Oxygen Service
  • Vacuum Service
  • High Pressure Gas
  • Cryogenic Liquids
  • Breathing Air
  • Chilled Water
  • Deionized Water
Process Equipment Skids

PFC fabricates custom accessory skids for power generation companies and industrial processes. Precision manufacturing facilities have all of the required qualified personnel, specialized equipment, material control, cranes, and conditioned workspaces to ensure that these skids meet customer requirements, US & European specifications, and that product integrity is preserved.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is a unique precision cleaning technology that removes contaminants that other techniques are unable to remove. The most exciting feature and the most significant benefit of ultrasonic cleaning is the removal of contaminants from inaccessible areas that are practically “out of sight.”


PFC Overview

Testing & Calibration

Precision Cleaning

Corrosion Control

Time-lapse Skid Build (Long)

Time-lapse Skid Build (Short)

Refrigeration Skids



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