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PFC regularly provides abrasive blasting, painting, and specialized coating services to achieve corrosion control. Our 25 acres facility features permitted and approved environmentally enclosed abrasive blast and paint rooms

Our abrasive blasting, painting and specialized coating jobs meet all third-party standards and satisfy third-party NACE inspections, though we have in-house Level III NACE-certified inspectors.

Further, our corrosion control experts work with complete compliance to specifications for pressure, media dryness, and velocity and meet all environmental requirements to capture and dispose of lead-contaminated paints.

Industry Standards

Abrasive blasting (or surface preparation) and painting jobs are standardized by two governing bodies: ISO and NACE/SSPC. Normally, most of our client base requires us to strictly follow NACE/SSPC standards.

NACE stands for National Association for Corrosion Engineer (links)

SSPC stands for Society for Steel Painting Structures

Abrasive Blasting

Whenever a surface or item is needed to be cleaned (or fine finished), it is first prepared by eliminating rough corrugation and smoothening imperfections. Abrasive blasting is one such surface preparation method that facilitates surface cleaning in a range of industrial applications, including plastic injection molding equipment, glass manufacturing, warehouse interiors, aerospace and marine components, foodservice products, nuclear energy, and other various equipment parts.

Besides smoothening the surface, abrasive blasting has the following few applications:

  • Strip surface inconsistencies and imperfections such as rust and stains.
  • Detailed cleaning of a surface item.
  • Creating a smooth finish before painting or other specialized coating systems.
  • Removing impurities and contamination.
  • Giving a specific texture to the surface.

Airless and Conventional Painting

There are several methods for coating steel structures or industrial and commercial equipment parts. PFC specializes in airless and conventional (air) spray methods.

The conventional spray is suitable for relatively more minor projects involving intricate and complex surface configurations and less viscous coating material. On the other hand, airless spraying is best suited for larger and less complicated projects where the prime objective is to cover more square feet in less time.

Specialized Coating Systems

Aerospace, energy generation, and specific manufacturing equipment require advanced corrosion prevention and need something more than just paint. With its in-depth chemical and mechanical knowledge about coating and corrosion control, PFC offers specialized coating systems.

PFC often applies a three-coat protective system consisting of inorganic zinc primer, epoxy mid-coat, and polyurethane top-coat on carbon steel fabrications..

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