Piping & Tubing Systems

Piping and Tubing systems are used to transport a variety of media like propellants, hydraulics, high-pressure gases, and cryogenic liquids.

Both systems are widely used in different industries like aerospace, energy generation, commercial buildings, and manufacturing.

PMI has a rich history of procurement, fabrication, and installing piping and tubing systems.


Shop Fabrication

With our experience, knowledge, and trained and certified workforce, PMI can fabricate complex piping and tubing designs in its workshop and on-site. In addition, we have the equipment to support all kinds of project requirements and perform cold bending of pipes and tubes according to ASME B31.3.

PMI always holds its work against industry standards and project requirements.



The material of pipes/tubes is a crucial characteristic of any system or project. Though different industries have distinct material requirements that influence the choice of material,

PMI is comfortable and has the procedures required to work with the materials needed by our clients, including aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel (304, 316 and AL-6XN).


Tubing/Orbital Welding

PMI takes pride in stating it has certified welders with appropriate certifications and offers a full spectrum of welding services. We are certified via ASME, AWS, and NAVSEA standards. However, tubing welds are tricky and require to be performed with more accuracy.

That is where orbital welding is employed. This is a specialized area of welding whereby the arc is rotated mechanically around a static pipe/tube in a continuous process. This process reduces the possibilities of operator error issues of other welding types. .

However, PMI also offers GTAW (TIG), SMAW (stick), GMAW (MIG), FCAW (inner shield), and brazing/soldering.

 All of our welding equipment is calibrated by 3rd party sources to keep on delivering quality welding work.


Custom Pipe Supports

Pipe supports are required to eliminate the load transfer to the associated piping and supporting structure.

A well-designed and strong-built pipe support anchors, guides, absorbs shock and supports a specified load.

PMI offers fabrication and welding of custom pipe support assemblies to meet client requirements. Such work is crucial since these supports carry varying loads, and our engineers ensure that design and fabrication are accurate for providing the necessary support.


Field Installation & Cleaning

As experienced mechanical contractors with a rich history of delivering complex projects to prestigious clients, PMI sets itself apart from other contractors when it comes to installing pre-fabricated piping and tubing systems in high purity settings.

As a whole, our experience and past performance are proof that PMI understands that proper piping installation following codes and standards is key to safety and sound operation.

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