Instrumentation Manufacturers

PFC represents the industry's leading precision cleaning company from the day we opened our doors almost 60 years ago. The instrumentation industry is a common name among our list of serviced industries.


We pride ourselves in offering precision cleaning, passivation, and ultrasonic cleaning services following the specifications outlined by the client, industry, and the government.


Our state-of-the-art cleanrooms are one of the best equipped and maintained cleanrooms in the whole of USA. Interestingly, we have a large ISO-certified cleanroom and our cleanrooms and test rooms are hailed as approved cleaning facilities. Our complete facility is certified under Air Cleanliness Classification ISO 14644-1, Class 7.


Our cleanroom facilities include precision cleaning parts, components, assemblies, process equipment, valves, flow meters, filters, and pressure gauges. PFC also provides a unique barrier and hermetic packaging of cleaned and tested hardware to ensure perfect project delivery.


Once precision cleaned, PFC analyzes and verifies cleanliness levels using optical particle counters, NVR equipment, and photoionization detectors to confirm dryness levels, ensuring our job is well done and the clients stay satisfied.


Apart from modern technology and equipment, PFC believes that human resource is our organization's best and most prized asset. We have skilled technical experts and highly professional quality staff that ensure all cleaning procedures are documented and approved by the client before implementation.


Besides the regular cleaning procedures, our safety measures for workforce and equipment make us outshine our competitors in the market. Plus, we are always ready to offer customized cleaning procedures developed and tailored to clients' requirements.