Essential Gauge Cleaning Services

Essential Gauge Cleaning Services

Accurate and dependable pressure measurement is essential. The gauges, which establish that measurement, need regular cleaning and maintenance.

What does pressure instrumentation include?

Pressure instrumentation includes various pressure gauges, transmitters, transducers, and sensors, which are used to display and measure the units of a gas or fluid.

Transducers, sensors, and transmitters measure the pressure in pipes, pumps, tanks, and other processes and then transmit a signal to a display, controller, HMI, or another device. Pressure gauges are digital or analog devices used to display the readings and provide local real-time measurements for effective pressure monitoring.

Regular measuring of the pressure levels of steam, gas, and liquids is vital for safety and quality control in commercial and industrial applications. Industries, where pressure measurement is utilized, include; chemical plants, gas, oil, petroleum, or other petrochemical applications, foods and beverages, water and waste-water, concrete, heating and cooling, paper and lumber products.

Pressure gauges and other pressure measurement devices are a cost-effective and dependable solution for preventing equipment failure. This is why you need the gauge cleaning services of Precision Fabrication and Cleaning.

What do you need to consider when selecting the suitable pressure measurement instrumentation?

  • The type and range of pressure needed
  • The industrial operating environment temperature and chemical compatibility of wetted parts
  • The level of accuracy you need
  • Any other industry specifications

What types of pressure gauges should you clean?

  • Analog (dial) pressure gauges. These function mechanically and offer you easy-to-read pressure measurements and vacuum variations. Differential pressure gauges may also belong to the analog gauge category.Analog pressure gauges function best in general and static applications and may not work well in harsh operating environments. These gauges have a needle calibrated to respond to changes that occur within a particular parameter. They are usually installed to directly contact a gas or liquid and provide local readings based on vacuum or pressure fluctuations.The analog pressure gauges are best for operating environments where the vibration is minimal to achieve accuracy, and they require adequate lighting to enable easy reading of the gauge.
  • Differential pressure gauges. These pressure gauges measure and show the difference between two pressure points on one dial. Usually, these gauges are used to monitor filtration equipment.The good thing about using these gauges is that they enable improved process efficiency and fewer operator errors. They have an easy-to-read dial, which displays measurement in PSI, water inches, or engineering units of flow or level.
  • Digital pressure gauges. They are an electric kind of pressure instrumentation, which delivers precise and fast readings on a backlit display. Such gauges often offer the flexibility of displaying readings in various internationally accepted measurements.Digital pressure gauges remain accurate under high vibration and can be utilized with numerous instrumentation pressure units, eliminating the need for many pressure gauges at a go.

How do you know that your gauge needs to be cleaned?

When you notice contamination in your pressure gauge, you know that it is time to utilize gauge cleaning services from Precision Fabrication and Cleaning (PFC).

What is contamination? Contamination is any substance, which you don't want to get into your pressure gauge. In case you have a gas-operated pressure gauge, its contaminants can include fuels, water, oils, alcohol, dirt, particulates, and other solid impurities.

Take note that if your pressure gauge is commonly used to monitor a water line, it will be full of water. In other words, there will be no hindrance with it, as the water is not a contaminant when such a gauge is in use. But, the water becomes a contaminant if you intend to calibrate the pressure gauge with a gas-operated pressure gauge.

What is the importance of maintaining and cleaning your pressure gauges?

Because pressure gauges are utilized in various industries, they need regular and accurate calibration. There is always a possibility that any contaminant like water, oils, dust, and fuels may get into the pressure gauge. So, it is essential to clean your pressure gauge before calibration.

In case the gauge is utilized to measure oxygen pressure, then the need for cleaning your pressure gauge increases because if there is any grease inside, it can result in a fire, an explosion, or fatal accidents in your area of operation.

What services do Precision Fabrication and Cleaning offer?

At Precision Fabrication and Cleaning (PFC), we have an on-board technical human resource with several years of industrial gauge cleaning services experience. We are well-equipped with the various methods and solvents we utilize and are ready to provide you with the best solution for your particular needs.

We are experienced in testing, cleaning, and packaging precision clean hardware. Additionally, we test and clean any pressure gauge including Absolute Pressure Gauges, Differential Pressure Gauges, Bourdon Tube Gauge, and Dead-End Gauges. Our services meet and satisfy the requirements of several industry specifications, including aerospace contractors like NASA, ULA, the Department of Defense, and other private firms. Specs include:

0-73579, 1P00070, 1P00071, 24555-GEN-0001, 24555-SPEC-0003, 5-75014, 5-75059, 5-75192, ARP1176, ARP598, ARP599, AS4059, AS598, ASTM D1193, ASTM F312, ASTM F331, ASTM G93, CGA 4.1, IEST-STD-CC1246, ISO 14644 .ISO 14952, JSC-SPEC-C-20C, KSC-C-123 ,MA0110-301, MA0110-301, MAP211025 VC, MIL-PRF-27401, MIL-SPEC-164D, MIL-STD-1246, MIL-STD-1246, MSFC-SPEC-164, NAVY OXYGEN CLEANER NOC, PWA 80-81, RA0110-018, RA0110-046, RA0110-047, RA0110-24, RA1110-022, RA1110-025, RA1610-065, RA1610-075, RA321270, RAPWA80, RAPWASP80, RPTSTD-8070-0001, SAE ARP 598, SAE ARP1176, SN-C-0005, STP0565, STP0637 ,STP1012, RL10012, D-0656395 ,MC072214, B185020, STP 50408, MP 50063, AS 611

We affirm that we will apply only the best industrial practices and follow the highest international standards while serving you to ensure that all the equipment at your industry premises is safe and comply with all the necessary regulations in the USA.

No other company beats us at rapid response to customer issues, state-of-the-art equipment and locations nationwide, superior documentation, advanced chemistry, process technology, and highly trained personnel delivering authentic consulting services.

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