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Component cleaning and testing are normally performed at our facilities. 

However, when the need arises for in-place services, PFC can

mobilize and travel from our Space Coast location for additional cost.

Precision Fabricating & Cleaning is an innovative, highly-qualified company offering a wide range of industrial cleaning, oxygen service, and maintenance services. 

We're seasoned experts who are ready to work.

 Precision Fabricating & Cleaning has been in business for over 55 years and contracted by organizations such as NASA, United Launch Alliance, General Electric, and Mitsubishi.

A one-stop shop for all your industrial cleaning and testing needs.

  • ISO 14644 Compliant
  • Class 7 Cleanroom & Class 5 Workstations
  • Cryogenic & Cold Shock Testing
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Flow & Immersion Sampling
  • Barrier & Hermetic Packaging 
  • Aclar film
  • Nylon, Anti-Static Nylon film
  • Polyethylene,  Anti-Static Polyethylene film

Cleaning & testing

  • Full Validation Capability
  • Temperate Controlled Process Solutions
  • High Flow Rate Pumps (>200gpm)
  • Compressed Gas Trailers for GN2 Purge and Dew Point Operations
  • Laboratory Including Mobile Clean Room, Sampling Station and Packaging
  • Calibrated and Certified Analytical Equipment

Mobile/Field Cleaning

  • Passivation IAW ASTM A967, ASTM A380, SAE-QQ-P-035, AMS 2700
  • Component refurbishment
  • National Board VR Certified, refurbishment and testing of code stamped relief valves
  • Mass Spectrometer Leak Detection
  • Bubble Point Testing of filters IAW SAE ARP901
  • Gauge (dead-end and Bordon tube) Cleaning
  • Pneumatic testing with GHe or GN2 to 30,000 psi
  • Chemical Cleaning of Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Invar, Inconel, Hastelloy
  • High Pressure Spray (Jet-Mole) Cleaning
  • Solvent Cleaning - impingement, flush/flow, agitate (typically IPA, HFE 7100)
  • Non-Volatile Residue (NVR)
  • Total Filterable Solids (TFS)
  • Residual Solvent Detection (Solvent Removal)
  • Dewpoint (Dryness verification)

And more...

Oxygen Cleaning

  • CGA 4.1
  • IEST-STD-CC-1246 revisions D & E
  • ASTM G93
  • SAE 1176
  • KSC-C-123
  • SAE ARP 1176

No job is too complex.

Precision Fabricating & Cleaning projects range from oversized complex structures to small tight-tolerance work requiring unique materials and specifications. Your oxygen cleaning/service project will be completed with excellence.

You know your needs.

We know how to help.

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