Precision is pleased to announce the appointment of a new quality manager, Ms. Lisa Carrera.  Ms. Carrera has been an integral part of Precision operations for over 15 years.  She is experienced in all facets of production, business development, procurement, and contract / subcontract administration.  Ms. Carrera has also been intimately involved in the maintenance of PFC's ISO 9000:2008 / AS9100C certification.  She will be actively pursuing Precision's objectives for on-time deliveries and 100% product conformity.  She can be reached at the following email address:

About PFC: Precision Fabricating & Cleaning is an innovative, highly qualified company with unique capabilities to accomplish a wide range of industrial testing and Precision Cleaning services, specializing in Hydrostatic Testing, Oxygen Cleaning Service, Cryogenic & Cold Shock Testing, Mobile Field Cleaning, Passivating/Passivation, High Purity Cleaning, Ultrasonic Cleaning, and so much more.

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