Precision Cleaning Video

Precision cleaning is a specialized cleaning process performed in controlled environments with immaculate cleanliness to remove contaminants at the microscopic level. It is essential in industries such as aerospace, medical devices, military and defense, semiconductors, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals.

Precision cleaning involves carefully cleaning surfaces using approved cleaners and inspection/testing to ensure the desired level of cleanliness. Inspection methods include NVR testing and ultra-violet light inspection. Factors such as required cleanliness level, inspection standards, and industry requirements need to be considered before choosing a precision cleaning technique. Common techniques include aqueous cleaning, solvent cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, high-pressure spray cleaning, wipe cleaning, and flush cleaning. Each method has benefits and drawbacks, and ultrasonic cleaning is often chosen for its cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Precision cleaning experts like PFC provide services conforming to industry standards and client specifications, serving various commercial and government clients.