Food & Beverage

Precision Fabricating and Cleaning understand the importance of a hygienic and clean environment for entirely safe food production. Our clean and safe food processing operations vision perfectly aligns with our certified, high-end cleaning facilities and highly skilled professionals. As a result, major beverage bottlers, dairy and poultry brands, and food processors rely on our cleaning expertise and modern technology to maintain their facilities as per FDA standards.
However, there is a particular reason that top players from the food and beverage industry prefer PFC to clean and maintain their machinery, parts, and whole facilities.
Our project management and client handling methods ensure trust and satisfaction. Whenever a new project is at hand, we develop documented procedures unique to each client's facility and operations. Such an efficient project handling system enables us to perform effective cleaning and keep our clients satisfied that PFC is all in for guaranteeing safe food processing.
Also, understanding the critical nature of cleaning and sanitizing jobs, PFC has invested a lot in establishing a world-class facility that expands over 27 acres. There, we have the largest ISO-certified cleanroom in the Southeast. Our facility also operates clean rooms and test rooms that industry leaders and support contractors hail as approved cleaning facilities. Our complete facility is certified under Air Cleanliness Classification ISO 14644-1, Class 7.
It is worth noting that the cleaning services demand in the food and beverage industry has seen significant growth, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, and there are always concerns regarding possible contamination. AT PFC, we can guarantee food processors and manufacturers that our crew complies with all government health guidelines and SOPS.
With our experience in high-purity clean operations and top-of-the-line facilities, clients can rest assured that PFC will effectively remove all organic or inorganic contamination using safe processes and solutions while preventing recontamination.