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PEI offers KAMAG transporters to service a variety of industries, including: Aerospace, Steel, Shipyard,  and Airport Ground SupportPEI customers are located throughout the US and return repeatedly for service, spare parts, and sales.

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KAMAG's most prominent customer over the last 15 years is NASA.  During the transportation of highly sensitive rocket motors, tanks, and satellites, transporters from KAMAG comply with strict regulations of the American Space Authority.

KAMAG's latest development for the American space authority has been a new drive and function system for transportation on rails.  With a 150-ton wheel load and a total capacity of over 6,000 tons, this is a unique and impressive solution.

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KAMAG is the leading supplier of transportation solutions in the metallurgical sector.  The extensive know-how that KAMAG has gained from heavy transport is put into use in the development of all systems for steel works and smelters.  This results in the highest possible operational safety, low running costs and an optimal operational comfort.

Slag pot carriers are used for the transport of molten slag and pots with a weight of up to 400 tons.  The KAMAG pallet system has proven itself over many years.  A new top performance product it the slab carrier.  Payloads of 10 - 70 tons are standard and, on request, higher payloads are possible.  Steering angles of 60 to 90 degrees makes it easier to drive into narrow loading positions.

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In shipyards, huge and enormous components have to be moved.  Unimaginable weights of 8000 tons and more, such as encountered when transporting a drilling platform, are no longer a rarity

KAMAG Modular Transporters manage these transport requirements reliably and economically.  Several transporters can be coupled and controlled together.  Transport with four or more vehicles all at the same time is a normal occurrence.

Here, the flexibility of the KAMAG System has proven to be a valuable economic advantage allowing loads with enormous weights and dimensions to be handled precisely by just a single operator.

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KAMAG has an aircraft tractor (the Tow Bear), a catering vehicle (the Catering Star), and an aircraft starter of the newest generation that have been designed in close cooperation with airlines, ground handling companies, and maintenance centers.